A life well lived is the result of intentional spiritual craftsmanship. People best grow and learn through life’s lessons and through loving community. The values of healthy community are both taught and caught. Since the intellect is a gift of God it should be nurtured continually and at every age. So at Shuvah Yisrael we endeavor to stimulate thinking through regular classes, book discussions, as well as lectures and seminars. We offer classes by our own teachers as well as guest lecturers and scholars in residence. Our instructors are also available to teach classes in the wider community to help build bridges of understanding between different faith-based groups.

Children’s Shabbat School

The Shuvah Yisrael Shabbat School meets each week during the second half of the Shabbat service. Classes are for children age 3 and up, through grade 6, and are open to members, regular attendees and visitors at no charge. The specific number of classes and the age range of each class depend upon the number and age of students at the beginning of the school year (September).

The objectives of the Shabbat School program at Shuvah Yisrael are:

  • to develop and strengthen the children’s faith in and love for God;
  • to teach the children their Jewish heritage;
  • to set a foundation for living life according to God’s Word as Messianic Jews.

Through our curriculum, the children learn the Jewish calendar and holidays, basic Hebrew prayers, the Jewish life cycle and its accompanying celebrations. Each class also includes a time of Torah, Haftorah and/or Besorah teaching. Classes are designed to be interesting and fun.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Training

Shuvah Yisrael provides training for Messianic Jewish young people so they may fulfill the mitzvah of being called to the Torah to chant the Hebrew text. More importantly we prepare the young people so that they understand what it means to be a Bar/Bat Mitzvah and are equipped to take their place among the community of Israel and live a life of covenant commitment. Bar/Bat Mitzvah training includes peer interaction, adult mentoring, and one on one training with a rabbi.

We also prepare the parents of the future Bar/Bat Mitzvah and involve them in the training and mentoring of their children. Jewish adults who have never undergone a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony may choose to prepare themselves and memorialize this important event.

MJTI School of Jewish Studies

The Shalom Company is an approved site for the prestigious Messianic Jewish Theological Institute’s School of Jewish Studies Foundation Courses. There are no prerequisites. These courses are designed to impart a general knowledge of the subject area of the topic, with student and teacher interaction. All courses require 12 class hours of instruction, readings, and a paper and/or examination. Foundation classes are taught by qualified instructors who instruct through the lens of Messianic Jewish biblical and cultural understanding. These courses do not count toward the SJS Master degree but can prepare the students toward more advanced studies.

Students may earn a Foundation Certificate in Jewish Studies by successfully completing any five Foundation courses and an Advanced Foundation Certificate in Jewish Studies by completing ten courses. Students may also audit Foundation courses, but this will not count towards the Foundation Certificate. Additional classes not offered at the Shalom Company can be completed online.

Students who take only Foundation Courses are not required to apply for admission to SJS. They may simply register for courses they wish to take, by submitting a registration form and tuition payment.

Register Online

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