A life well lived is the result of intentional spiritual craftsmanship. People best grow and learn through life’s lessons and through loving community. The values of healthy community are both taught and caught.

Since the intellect is a gift of God it should be nurtured continually and at every age.

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So at Shuvah Yisrael we endeavor to stimulate thinking through regular classes, book discussions, as well as lectures and seminars. We offer classes by our own teachers as well as guest lecturers and scholars in residence.

Our instructors are also available to teach classes in the wider community to help build bridges of understanding between different faith-based groups.


Mussar takes place on Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm on zoom

The prophetic voice has always cried out for a balance between law and spirit, between observance and character.

In the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries the classic mussar writers spoke with that same prophetic voice urging all Jews to embrace a piety that honored both the mitzvot (commandments) and middot (character traits) of Torah, within the circumstance of contemporary life.

Today several Messianic Jewish communities have rediscovered Mussar, “Judaism’s   best kept secret”, and have integrated it with the teachings of Messiah, to help renew communities and to make talmidim (students) of the Master.

This weekly gathering is meant to support personal spiritual development using Mussar practice.

Furthering Your Education

Both the New School for Jewish Study and the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute provide opportunities to further your education in various ways. Whether you are seeking a degree or just wanting to increase your own learning, there are options for you! Please see each site for detailed information.

Messianic Jewish Theological Institute (MJTI)

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Messianic Jewish Theological Institute (MJTI) seeks to be

  • a prophetic sign of Israel’s destiny by exemplifying and advancing Jewish life renewed in Yeshua;
  • a Messianic Jewish school rooted in a contemporary Jewish experience of Yeshua and a Messianic interpretation of Judaism;
  • a vision center for the Messianic Jewish community;
  • a dialogue center for theological encounter between faithful Christians and Jews; and
  • an international learning community born in the Diaspora but oriented to Israel.

You may apply to MJTI as a degree seeker, or take advantage of the Panim el Panim program, MJTI’s online short-course program:

•  Open to anyone, no enrollment in MJTI required

•  No homework, readings, preparation, or exams

•  Month-long courses with 1-hour lectures once a week

•  A new, unique course every month of the academic year

Visit the MJTI site for more information!