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Ongoing: Torah Club

The Torah Club meets every Saturday at 2PM 

The Torah Club is  a multi-faceted study group that incorporates a weekly live study that meets every Saturday at 2PM, one-on-one study partners (chevruta), as well as a private Forum for Torah Club members. 

Each week we study the Torah portion from the Jewish lexionary cycle. This will cover the entire five books of Moses over the course of one year.  Each participant will receive a set of commentaries monthly from First Fruit of Zion and an access code to the Torah Forum. The Shuvah Torah Forum includes four audio teachings each week as well as stimulating questions and scholarly interaction.

This is class is Torah 101 for everyone, introducing students to Hebrew Roots of faith in Jesus, as well as the world of Judaism. These studies are filled with new insights and practical implications which exhort us toward righteous living while developing a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Torah Club – Voice of the Prophets

This year we are studying the haftarah cycle, the texts from the prophets that correspond to the yearlong Torah readings. Dive deep into the world of ancient Israel, kings and prophets. Enter the world of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. Study prophecies about the end of days. Torah Club Volume Three: Voice of the Prophets takes students through the synagogue haftarah readings—the accompanying Scripture section from the Prophets that is read after the regular weekly Torah portion.

We study each week using the  only comprehensive Messianic commentary on the haftarah-cycle, includes written commentary on extra readings for festivals and special Sabbaths. Written materials draw on historical, archaeological, geographical, and linguistic studies in combination with Messianic and rabbinic insights. A “must-have” for every serious student of the Bible.