Cantor leading prayer

Our worship services will likely be a new experience for many of our visitors, combining both traditional and contemporary forms of Jewish worship.  Though some of the melodies are preserved from Jewish tradition, many are reinterpreted in more contemporary genres intended to engage the modern worshiper.

We have endeavored to interact with and preserve the original intent and historical understandings of these treasured prayers, while being true to the Jewish heritage of artistic freedom and dynamic interpretation.

This siddur (prayer book) follows the traditional order (keva), and the wording of the prayers is preserved in the Hebrew with a dynamic English translation.  In addition, most of the Hebrew portions are transliterated for those who are less familiar with this sacred language. The service is designed to be user friendly and can be followed page by page in order.

Several prayers are unique to Messianic Jewish liturgy and are based upon the Brit Chadasha (Renewed Covenant Scriptures). These prayers focus on the person and role of Yeshua, the Divine Messiah.  Though these additions are few, they emphasize that Yeshua is the “Ohr Chadash” that has and will shine upon Zion.