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Erev Shavuot

Shavuot Celebration is May 19th. Read more

Shavuot is the day God gave the commandments from Sinai.

This is based on Exodus 19:1 and following. The third month would start about 44 days after Israel left Egypt (months alternated 29 and 30 days and Israel left on Nisan 15, journeyed the 14 days left in that month, plus the 29 in Iyyar). Figuring in the three days of sanctification mentioned in Exodus 19 plus a delay or two, it is reasonable to say God gave the commandments within a day or two of Shavuot. Tradition says it was precisely on Shavuot.

There is also a New Covenant Significance!

Acts 2 tells the story of a certain Shavuot following the resurrection of Yeshua when God gave the Holy Spirit. It is beyond interesting that the Spirit was given on an anniversary of the giving of the Torah. We will explore this together on Shavuot!