Our Rabbi

Meet our Rabbi Paul L. Saal

“I have lived in West Hartford since 1994 with my family because I believe in digging in, putting down roots and building with others.

I am a member of Shuvah Yisrael because I believe in religious community and Shuvah is as good as it gets. I do not view myself as an employee of the congregation, but rather as one of the many integral parts of the body.

I have been married since 1981 because I believe in the sacred institution and my beautiful wife has given me every reason to.

I live a Torah observant life because I believe in the uniqueness of Israel and its irrevocable call. I am hopeful for the future because God remembers us, all of us.

I became a rabbi out of the conviction that we need to remember God in all of life’s activities, “at home and out in public, even when we sleep and when we wake.” (Deuteronomy 6:7)”