Our Vision

• Congregation Shuvah Yisrael is a unique synagogue where Jews who embrace Messiah Yeshua seek to live out their faith, centered in Torah and Jewish tradition. The reality of Messiah Yeshua in our midst brings new meaning to our traditions and brings depth and vitality to our faith.

• We welcome interfaith couples who seek to cultivate a Jewish family identity. Our synagogue community promotes a loving, joyous atmosphere, as well as a supportive educational framework that our members draw upon for support and growth as we live our lives.

• God’s calling for our community becomes clear: to place high value on meeting the spiritual and material needs of the congregation, the Jewish community, and the world at large.

• We are committed to Tikkun Olam: the repairing of the world. Thus, humanitarian efforts will always be a part of our congregational life.

• Our children represent the future of the Messianic Jewish community. We seek to strengthen their Jewish identity, nurture their faith in Messiah Yeshua, and build their confidence as they face the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

• We are not an insular community. We are the building blocks of a grander synagogue. We seek to strengthen our relationships with like-minded synagogues and throughout the world and seek to partner with churches and synagogues locally.

• We are deeply committed to the well-being and safety of the State of Israel. We offer her our prayers, as well as our material and moral support at all times.